TackMaster ®


  • The TackMaster is produced from natural, durable and renewable raw materials. A combination of oxidized linseed oil, rosin and finely ground cork gives the product its flexibility and resilience. This combination results in exceptional durability.
  • Our corkboard retains its grip: due to the flexibility that characterizes our material, it doesn’t crumble like traditional soft boards in which the pinholes close after extraction of the tacks.
  • We build a high-quality wood frame using only the #1 quality oak, walnut or mahogany which best matches your existing clubhouse/pro shop trims.
  • Tack material is available in an exciting and intense range of 15 colors.


  • Gives character and a®osphere to the environment with its range of multiple colors.
  • Creates a gathering place which can reinforce the primary goal of fostering a strong sense of community among club members.
  • Made to measure to fit your space.
  • Helps promote upcoming events and can be used to track current tournament events requiring daily updates.
  • Could be converted into a traditional scoreboard or information board by substituting our ceramic skin for the cork material.

TackMaster Color Options

#2208 – Mushroom Melody

#2206 – Oyster Shell

#2210 – Hot Salsa

#2287 – Brown Rice

#2182 – Potato Skin

#2211 – Tangerine Zest

#2186 – Blanched Almond

#2162 – Duck Egg

#2212 – Fresh Pineapple

#2166 – Nutmeg Spice

#2204 – Poppy Seed

#2213 – Baby Lettuce

#2207 – Cinnamon Bark

#2209 – Black Olive

#2214 – Blueberry

Note: Colors may vary slightly from samples.

Please call so we can help answer any questions and to give you pricing for your project.


• PENS (Permanent, Calligraphic, & Dry)
• AN EXTRA TRACK with each board
• 12" MAGNETIC TRAY with each board

Boards track and trim available in Grey and Beige. Ceramic skins available in White and Beige.

American Express®, MasterCard®, VISA® and Discover® Cards Accepted

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For 15 years [outdoor scoreboard(s)], lifetime [indoor scoreboard(s)], of the original installation, the manufacturer warrants that the ceramic finish under normal conditions of use shall not exhibit excessive fading of color, crazing, cracking or flaking. The manufacturer's obligation under this warranty is limited to repair, or at its option, The Golf Scoreboard Company Inc. may replace new products for the defective goods, with due allowance made for the service rendered by such products. All products are sold and warranted only pursuant to our published terms and conditions of sale. Except as expressly provided in our published statement, we make no warranty, express or implied of any kind, including without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness. We are not responsible to the user for any consequential, incidental or special damages resulting from product use or processing. The Golf Scoreboard Company Inc. reserves the right to revise, discontinue or modify any of these products.

The Golf Scoreboard Company Inc. reserves the right to inspect, on site, said scoreboard(s) before return authorization is issued (return freight charges are at purchaser's expense). Freight charges for replacement scoreboard(s) will be calculated, and charged, at a prorated percentage.

The Purchaser agrees that: (1) They will be responsible for inspection, upon delivery, of said scoreboard(s) and notification of any defect must be communicated to The Golf Scoreboard Co. Inc. within 10 days. (2) They will provide ordinary maintenance (care and cleaning instructions provided) for said scoreboard(s). (3) They will remove, and suitably store said scoreboard(s) during the winter periods.