Q: What makes our scoreboards the best in the industry?

A: Ceramic steel technology, which is both complex and exacting. The result is a beautiful and reliable uniformity across all contours, including edges. Here is a guide to the enameling process:

  • Heated in the range of 1292° – 1652° F (700° – 900° C), powdered glass is melted, then flows and hardens.
  • The resulting enamel is fused onto the metal steel core.
  • Finally, a smooth, durable, abrasion-resistant surface is produced.
  • Sheets cut to any size, or laminated panels. are then ready to be fabricated by GSC.
  • Resistant to chemicals, scratches, bacteria, fire, graffiti and stains, GSC ceramic steel performs even in the most demanding environments.

to Detail

With over 24 years of proven success, our scoreboards are superbly engineered. They are integrally designed to fit precisely in their outer frame. The frames are inner and outer; all supporting hardware is beveled and mitered to a 32/100 of an inch. All screws are countersunk.

GSC uses only the finest quality materials available to fabricate our boards.


Our frames are made of anodized aluminum and sealed with silicone; they will not rust or corrode.

As an option for indoor boards, we have available solid oak, walnut or custom wood framing and solid oak trays. These are hand-oiled in three finishes: light, medium, dark and are warranted for life

Quality oversight at every step

We pride ourselves on fabricating the finest quality, longest-lasting scoring systems available. We have stood behind our products since the first board was made in 1984. Our reputation and warranty of our products speak for themselves.