• The CalendarMaster® is constructed of genuine ceramic surface on steel. Color format is fired at 2000º under ceramic and framed in heavy gauge anodized aluminum. It is a completely waterproof, windproof, weatherproof product.
  • Available in OUTDOOR (limited 15 year warranty), or INDOOR (limited lifetime warranty) models. Also available as a completely PORTABLE scoreboard system and on wheels too as The WheelMaster® or WallMaster®
  • It's easy to install, either outdoors or indoors on the ProShop wall or portable trolley. All hardware is supplied.
  • The writing can be done with any type of pen. Permanent, oil-based paint pens, water- based paint pens and dry erasable markers.


  • Dramatically increases excitement and participation in scheduled club events because people will know what and when events are happening.
  • Increases potential for golf shop sales of hard goods and soft goods.
  • Provides the ability to communicate a wide variety of events and club information to the membership in an easy-to-access, visible and dynamic manner.
  • Creates a gathering place which can reinforce the primary goal of fostering a strong sense of community among members at your club.

4’x4’ double-sided WallMasters at Palm Creek Resort, Casa Grande, Arizona (reverse sides are left to right: Universal MedalMaster, SummaryMaster and another Universal MedalMaster).


4' x 4' Single   $1,170.00 USD
4' x 6' 600 4' Calendar/2' Today's Events, Winners' Circle or Blank $1,640.00 USD
4' x 8' Double   $1,880.00 USD
4' x 8' 800   $1,880.00 USD
4' x 10' 1000 (4' Calendar/2' Today's Events, Winners' Circle or Blank /4' Calendar) $1,990.00 USD
4' x 12' 1200 2' Today's Events /8' Double Calendar /2' Winners' Circle $2,350.00 USD
5' x 4' Single   $1,640.00 USD
5' x 6' 600   $2,110.00 USD
5' x 8' Double Club Logo & PGA Pros $2,350.00 USD
5' x 8' 800 Plaques Included $2,350.00 USD
5' x 10' 1000   $2,580.00 USD
5' x 12 1200   $2,940.00 USD
For all TYPE I CalendarMasterTM listed above:
• Colors Available: White & Beige • Double steel anodized aluminum framed.
• Capped tray and pens are included. • Limited 15 Year Warranty
4' x 4' Single   $1,520.00 USD
4' x 6' 600 (4' Calendar/2' Today's Events, Winners' Circle or Blank) $1,880.00 USD
4' x 8' Double   $2,110.00 USD
4' x 8' 800 (4' Calendar/2' Today's Events, Winners' Circle or Blank /4' Calendar) $2,110.00 USD
4' x 10' 1000   $2,460.00 USD
For all WOOD FRAMED CalendarMasterTM listed above:
• Custom Woods & Woodwork Available.
• All solid wood framed CalendarMasters™ with solid wood trays; pens included.
• Limited LIFETIME Warranty.
4' x 4' Single   $1,050.00 USD
4' x 6' 600   $1,1170.00 USD
4' x 8' Double   $ 1,390.00 USD
4' x 8' 800   $1,520.00 USD
4' x 10' 1000   $1,640.00 USD
For all TYPE II CalendarMasterTM listed above:
• Colors available: White & Beige
• Anodized aluminum framed and vinyl covered - foil backed; blade tray.
• Limited LIFETIME Warranty.


• PENS (Permanent, Calligraphic, & Dry)
• AN EXTRA TRACK with each board
• 12" MAGNETIC TRAY with each board

Boards track and trim available in Grey and Beige. Ceramic skins available in White and Beige. All double-sided WallMasterTM are made with high quality ceramic coated 22 gauge magnetic steel. Center cores are plastic, laminated with weatherproof plastic.

American ExpressTM, MasterCardTM, VISATM and DiscoverTM Cards Accepted

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For 15 years [outdoor scoreboard(s)], lifetime [indoor scoreboard(s)], of the original installation, the manufacturer warrants that the ceramic finish under normal conditions of use shall not exhibit excessive fading of color, crazing, cracking or flaking. The manufacturer's obligation under this warranty is limited to repair, or at its option, The Golf Scoreboard Company Inc. may replace new products for the defective goods, with due allowance made for the service rendered by such products. All products are sold and warranted only pursuant to our published terms and conditions of sale. Except as expressly provided in our published statement, we make no warranty, express or implied of any kind, including without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness. We are not responsible to the user for any consequential, incidental or special damages resulting from product use or processing. The Golf Scoreboard Company Inc. reserves the right to revise, discontinue or modify any of these products.

The Golf Scoreboard Company Inc. reserves the right to inspect, on site, said scoreboard(s) before return authorization is issued (return freight charges are at purchaser's expense). Freight charges for replacement scoreboard(s) will be calculated, and charged, at a prorated percentage.

The Purchaser agrees that: (1) They will be responsible for inspection, upon delivery, of said scoreboard(s) and notification of any defect must be communicated to The Golf Scoreboard Co. Inc. within 10 days. (2) They will provide ordinary maintenance (care and cleaning instructions provided) for said scoreboard(s). (3) They will remove, and suitably store said scoreboard(s) during the winter periods.